Craft Study Centre inResponse project

in Response : MA GROUP PROJECT 2019

This is my second year of running this project with MA students from the School of Craft and Design at the University for the Creative Arts. Traditionally, the Crafts Study Centre has acted as a place for the tangible, looking after some of the finest pieces of twentieth and twenty-first century craftsmanship, whilst the university’s studios are a place for the intangible, fostering the development of skills and the active process of making. in Response brings the two together, making links between the museum and studio settings.

It is always fascinating to see which objects in the Centre’s collections capture the students’ imagination. Certain makers, such as Lucie Rie, and Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher, seem to have an enduring appeal and are always popular. It has thus been great to see some of our lesser-known items – including lace by Ethel Nettleship and a puppet by William Simmonds – and our recent acquisitions – such as an earthenware bowl by Philip Wood – providing inspiration for this year’s cohort.

My thanks go to everyone who has participated in the project. They have been a pleasure to work with and have produced some beautiful work.” Greta Bertram, Curator, Crafts Study Centre