I am a jewellery designer maker, I am interested in people and inspired by books. I tell stories through figurative and sculptural jewellery. Empowered by the freedom of expression that jewellery can offer, I hope that my work is an authentic, sincere and honest expression of my ideas and emotions.

My studio was based in Bucharest Sept 2016-Sept 2018 and Farnham at Maltings Oct 2019 – March 2020


2018 -2019 University for the Creative Arts, MA Jewellery (Distinction)

2015-2017 Assamblage Institute of Art and Design, Bucharest

1983 – 1989 University of Petroleum and Gas


2020 – The Award for Social Message at Romanian Jewellery Week  – for the meaningful social message and view of the cultural and historical context transmitted through contemporary jewellery


2020 – Munich Jewellery Week, WAR_ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ  at gallery  WELTRAUM

2020 – Romanian Jewellery Week, Bucharest

2019 – MA Graduation Show, James Hockey Gallery, UCA, Farnham

2019 – ‘7 Artists For 7 Days 2019’ , Mydaybyday Gallery, Rome

2019 – in Response, Craft Sudy Centre, Farnham

2019 –Rising Stars 2019 at New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham

2018 – UCA Craft & Design PopShop

2018- Author – International Contemporary Jewellery Fair in Bucharest

2017 –Author- International Contemporary Jewellery Fair in Bucharest

2017 –EUNIC Fair in Brussel

2016, 2017, 2018 – Art Fashion Fair, Bucharest


Lost in Jewellery Magazine/ A Room with a View December 2020 August 2019

Dilema Veche no. 328, 2nd of June 2010

Revista Atelierul, 18th of June 2018

Revista Unica, 13th of September 2014

The Chronicle, 27th of August 2012, 20th of July 2009


The Burden of the Past –  Lisbon,  March 2021 on Political Evils: The Iron Curtain and its Legacies


I also lived during communism, Humanitas, 2015, Collective volume, two short stories

How to be happy in Romania, Humanitas, 2017, Collective volume, one short story



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