The Gogol’s Overcoat, literary obsession

The Overcoat is a short story about an obscure personage with a humble life in the small world of administration clerks. No ambitions, no desires.

One extraordinary fact changes his life: his overcoat is beyond repair. He needs a new one.  He dreams of this every day. Stringent savings and months later he proudly wears his distinguished new overcoat. His happiness is shattered when his overcoat is violently ripped from him. The police humiliates him also.  He suffers, he becomes ill and dies.

This is not the end of the story. The Overcoat will come back.  It will haunt those people who mistreated him.

We all suffered when those who have power to do so humiliated us. If we only had a guardian like the Overcoat to seek revenge for us.


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